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Call for Submissions: Online Magazine for Religion and Culture

professional-opportunities Submissions Wanted: A new online magazine for religion and culture
Summary: From Sacred Matters: Sacred Matters is an online magazine of public scholarship that undercuts conventional understandings of religion and reimagines the boundaries between religion and culture.The magazine will attract a general, and generally educated, readership of believers and atheists, younger and older people. This is an audience eager to read about religion but under a different set of conceptual frames with which to capture the religious, the sacred in a variety of cultural settings.As we prepare to launch the magazine, we welcome submissions and are looking for thoughtful pieces that bring the religious elements of cultural life to light in new ways, beyond headlines and bullet points, beneath surveys and contemporary trends.  The goal is to find engaging, thought-provoking, and well-considered essays (500-2000 words generally) that we can spotlight and push out to interested readers and varied audiences who want more than blogs on religion.
Keywords: Sacred Matters, modern religion, religious beliefs, atheists, magazine, submissions, contemporary religion, longform writing
Source Information
Byline/Author(s)/Organization: Sacred Matters
Name of Publication/Publisher/Name of Conference: Sacred Matters
Publication Information (Date/ Volume, Number, Year/ Year): You can send submissions to sacredmatters@emory.edu.
URL (if applicable): http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=7ef157114400c4b4b11236e23&id=402f4eb175
Retrieved/Access Date: October 28, 2013
Place of Publication/Conference City (for book and conference paper only): N/A
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