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Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures

Book cover of Muslim FashionLewis, R. (2015). Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures . Durham and London: Duke University Press.

Lewis, a Professor of Cultural Studies at the London College of Fashion through the University of the Arts London, writes a widely accessible book that addresses Muslim fashion as it relates to contemporary Western fashion trends. The book incorporates the historical cultural context of Muslim fashion, while arguing that contemporary Muslim dress is a true form of fashion, not a source of controversial conflict. She confronts the perception, often reinforced by the media, that veiled, modest fashion is incompatible with current fashion.   The hijab, she notes, and other forms of modest clothing are now part of “an emergent cross-faith transnational youth sub-culture of modest fashion” that is infiltrating commercialized, consumer culture. Lewis interviews designers, bloggers, shoppers, social media hosts, store clerks, and shop owners throughout Britain, North America, and Turkey, in addition to analyzing “Muslim lifestyle media,” in order to provide a better insight into the lives of Muslim women who interweave religion, identity, and ethnicity into their clothing choices.

Contributed by Debra Mason.

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